Order your 25th Anniversary shirt today!  Available in white or cream with an aqua logo on the front left chest and a large multi-color logo on the back, in either a short-sleeve T or a long-sleeve T .  The third bulk order deadline is June 6th, 2020 and shirts will be available for pick up at any BGTRC event beginning with the Anniversary Ride on 06/20/2020.  If you placed an order with our first or second bulk purchase, your shirts are available now for pickup at any event or meeting.  Our next Meeting is June 6th in Claremore.     

(We will do three bulk orders before the Anniversary Ride on June 20th, 2020)

You may submit the above form and mail the appropriate fees to BGTRC c/o Judy Jones 6111 S 204th St W.  Boynton, OK 74422 or pay with PayPal.  Please note that additional fees are charged if paying with PayPal to offset the charges that the club is assessed by PayPal.  Please use the below chart to determine the correct fee amount.

​If your total is                                                       Please add this amount to cover PayPal fees

​$24.99 or less                                                         Add $1.00 to the total

$25.00 - $59.99                                                      Add $2.00 to the total

$60.00 - $94.99                                                      Add $3.00 to the total

$95.00 - $129.99                                                    Add $4.00 to the total

$130.00 - $164.99                                                  Add $5.00 to the total

If your total is $165.00 or greater, please contact us at BGTRC@yahoo.com so we can determine the correct fee amount.  All orders are available for pickup at any BGTRC event beginning with the February Member Meeting.  

If you need your order shipped, please add $10.00 for shipping and handling costs.

​Design on Front  left chest  of shirt:

​Design on Back of shirt:

Bad Girls Trail Riding Club 25th Anniversary