Spring Fling Poker Ride - Prague Lake, POSTPONED - NEW DATE PENDING

Join us for our Spring Fling Poker Ride at Prague Lake April 17th-19th!  We have reserved the entire park and pavilion, so reservations can only be made through BGTRC.  We WILL be doubling up on campsites, so if you have someone you would like to share with, please let us know!  Contact BGTRC@yahoo.com for reservations.  

You definitely will NOT want to miss this ride!  We will have a FANTASTIC prize for the high Poker Hand, but it’s a Surprise!  (Think 25th Anniversary Celebration Special Prize!!)  There will also be prizes for 2nd High hand and Low hand. 

Poker hands will be $10 for the first hand and $5 for each additional hand that you wish to purchase.  We will head out on the trails Saturday morning and collect FIVE plastic Easter eggs, each a different color.  Buckets of eggs will be placed or hung along the main trail.  Collect your eggs and bring them back to the pavilion after 2:00.  (For those that do not ride or that were unable to collect all five eggs on the trail, there will also be Easter eggs hidden around camp.  Collect one of each of the five colors and turn them in to play!) 

We will be using several decks of cards to play, so the following is a list of how the High Hand and Low Hand will be determined, ranked in order, from highest to lowest. 

Royal Flush
Five of a Kind
Straight Flush
Flush with Two Pair
Four of a Kind
Flush with One Pair
Flush with No Pairs
Full House
Unflushed Straight
Three of a Kind
Two Pair
One Pair
High Card

We will also have a list of the Hand Rankings with an example of each posted at the pavilion.  There is no limit to the number of hands you may buy other than running out of cards.  In the event of a Tie, the two (or more) people with the Winning Hand will have a tie-breaker one card draw.  The highest card, ranked Ace high to 2 low, will be the winner.  We will announce the winners at dinner, (Pot Luck) which will be at 6:00 PM under the pavilion.  Hope you can join us!

This Event has been cancelled for this date.  We will try to get this rescheduled or incorporate it into another ride later in the calendar year.  We will post details here as soon as they become available.  STAY SAFE!!  We will see you on the trails soon!!