Bad Girls Trail Riding Club began 26 years ago as an idea for a trail ride/slumber party for a small group of women at Robbers Cave State Park.  Of course it rained like crazy that weekend, and they never got to ride, but they DID watch the movie "The Bad Girls" and the name of this tiny club was born.  That small idea began to grow and within a few months they planned another ride in September and the club grew from 3 to 12 members.  Nine months after that, they were at 73 members and the club has grown, evolved, and prospered ever since!     

We will be going back to Robbers Cave to camp and ride the beautiful trails that inspired the creation of our club 26 years ago.  There will be a Pot Luck dinner on Saturday evening along with Bingo games and an Ice Cream Social! 

Come join us for fun and fellowship with a great group of incredible ladies and see what this club is all about!  Make your reservations today!    

Bad Girls Trail Riding Club

Anniversary Ride
  June 18th-20th, 2021
Robbers Cave State Park, Wilburton, OK