Summer Family Campout!

Natural Falls State Park, Colcord, OK

​July 17th-19th, 2020

 Summer Family Campout at Natural Falls State Park was a huge splash! 

We had such a fun and relaxing weekend at Natural Falls State Park July 17th – 19th.  If you have never camped at this campground, it is a hidden treasure tucked away on the far East side of Oklahoma, just before the Arkansas border and Siloam Springs.  The beauty of the scenery and the water falls are just a short hike away from camp on very clearly marked and accessible trails so just about anyone can experience them.  The campsites are also well maintained and very clean with plenty of activities both at the park and just a short drive away into town.

It has become a tradition to eat dinner at Callahan’s Steakhouse in town on Friday night, but we had to stagger it a bit this year due to social distancing and group size restrictions.  We still enjoyed a great meal, in our small groups that each went at about 30 minutes apart from each other. 

Saturday morning we loaded up our floats in the vehicles and headed out to the free Kayak Park in Siloam Springs.  We had to get there a bit early in order to get a good spot along the shoreline to park our chairs, towels, floats, etc.  The water was cold, but felt soooo good!  We enjoyed floating down the mini rapids over and over again!  If you haven’t experienced the kayak park before, there is a section of man-made rapids along the Illinois River which also includes a swim beach area.  You drop in the water at one end of the park and float down a short section of the river until you reach the other end.  Then you get back out and take your float with you back to the starting point and do it again.  The rapids make it exciting and fun! If you just want to relax and cool off, you can drop in closer to the shore and float peacefully along the shoreline.  And of course it is also fun to people watch!  Don’t even get me started on what we saw with the “Pink Drinking Cup”!!  (What happens on the river, stays on the river…)

As it got closer to lunch time, the Kayak Park also started getting more crowded with people, so we headed back to camp for sandwiches at the Event Center.  Linda Secrist provided an excellent layout of sandwiches, chips, brownies, etc. to get us through the afternoon until dinner time.  After lunch, Gaylene Long also taught a small craft class that afternoon on how to make flowers with basket reed.  (Some of us are not as crafty and talented as others…)  Gaylene sure had some amazing patience with her bunch of crazy students!  But in the end, just getting to spend time and fellowship with one another, made it all worth the extra effort.

Potluck dinner was served that evening and as always, we had way too much food!  Then the bingo games started after dinner for a 50/50 pot per game.  The winners were Manuel Esparza, Barbara Dunlap, Patti Lindley, and blackout winner Andrea Esparza.  If you missed out on this event, it was a great time!  We can’t wait to come back again!