Halloween POKER Ride 2020
Lake Carl Blackwell, Stillwater, OK
October 23rd – 25th

Details for the Second Annual Halloween Poker Ride in 2021 Coming Soon!!!

Halloween Poker Ride 2020 

This year’s Halloween Poker Ride at Lake Carl Blackwell was phenomenal!  WOW!  We had such a fantastic turnout!!  All the campsites in Hunts Meadow were reserved for several weeks before the ride, and with the last minute cancellations we were also able to accommodate those that were on the waiting list.  We also had several participants that over-flow camped at Scissortail. 

On Thursday the weather was absolutely PERFECT and we set out the buckets of poker chips on the trail for people to find.  Then the COLD front came in, along with a little bit of rain, and Friday was not quite as pleasant and warm.  However, it cleared up and slightly warmed up just enough on Saturday to have an excellent day of riding, pumpkin decorating, chili cooking, and FUN!!    

This year we had 16 entries in the Pumpkin Decorating Contest and those entries were incredible!  It was SO HARD trying to choose a favorite pumpkin, so we all voted on our 3 favorites!  (Which was still difficult!)  In the end, the top three pumpkins were 1) Richard Moss – Turkey Pumpkin, 2) Becca McLaughlin – Hatching Dinosaurs 3) Alex (Monica Cunningham’s grandson) – Covid Pumpkin.

There were 7 entries in the Chili contest and our three judges took their time to really sample and savor each entry before deciding the winners.  1st place was Susie Searan, 2nd place was Andrea Esparza, and 3rd place was Marsha Lamm. 

For the Poker hands, there was a tough competition to try to keep buying a better hand, but the winners ended up with a hand that had 3 of a kind!  Judy Jones was the winner of the belt buckle.  She actually had TWO hands with 3 of a kind, and those two hands were both three 3’s!  We had one more person with three of a kind, Dani McTague, and she had three 2’s!  She chose the saddle blanket for her prize.  Andrea Esparza was the “biggest loser” and got the prize of the hay bag for the lowest hand.  Then we had several other prizes to give away!  The best two pair went to Jennifer Peterson and she chose the headstall and breast collar set.  Then we went down the line by hands and rankings and called out names to come pick a prize!  There were so many prizes that most participants got to walk away with a gift of their choice!

Everyone enjoyed the food, the competition, and the great riding!  By nightfall it was starting to turn pretty COLD again!  We had a few come out and trick-or-treat the campsites, and we tried to play a movie outside, but that cold brutal wind got the best of us and most turned in and snuggled under a blanket or around a campfire for the night.

We saw faces at this ride that many of us haven’t seen all year due to distance and Covid restrictions.  It was so nice to catch up with old friends and make a few new ones!  Overall, this was a very fun and successful ride!